Let me bring a “Thus Far Conference” to your church or event center.  Three women with three different stories, live worship, and more.  I would love to talk to you about bringing this conference to your venue!

These are just a few of the topics I could share at your event:

Testimony with songs included — I can bring a program to your church or event with an evening of music. During this time I share my testimony with several songs included. Sometimes a song ministers more than words ever could. I would love to bring this program to your event.

Shame and Hope — Here I use my life and the shame I felt for so long, along with the story of Peter in the Bible. For so long I could not hold my head up because of the shame that had me bound. I would love to share with you how Christ has restored my life and taken the shame and guilt away and offered me hope.

Pornography — For almost 25 years I lived in a marriage where my husband was addicted to pornography. Here I am able to share how this addiction infiltrates homes and ruins the family unit. This industry is a half a billion dollar industry that we need to speak up more about in our churches. I want to encourage women that are living with men addicted to pornography and offer hope to those who are addicted to pornography. As parents we need to face this head on. I am passionate about the ruins of pornography and how it affected my life and the life of my family.

Leaving a crack open for Satan — Here I am able to share how as a Christian woman I thought Satan would never get to me. Yet he found where I was vulnerable and when I left a crack open, he came and attacked. I talk candidly about how my unhappiness in my marriage and sin led me to have an emotional affair. I want to encourage women how to safeguard their lives and be ready when Satan attacks.

Making a Mark for Christ — One of my favorite stories in the Bible, is in Acts 9, the story of Dorcas. Here we talk about using the gifts God has equipped us with in service for Him. He takes ordinary people and does extraordinary things with them.

Having Joy Even When You Are In The Fire — As Christians we can have joy even in the midst of a horrible situation. Our joy comes from our relationship with Christ not our circumstances. Jesus takes our broken lives and makes beautiful things out of the dust. This gives us a reason to sing, a reason to have joy. I share my testimony and the joy Christ gave me even in the midst of the pain.

This is a short list of topics. I speak on many other topics as well. You can also let me know if there is something you would like for me to speak on. I am passionate about standing for Christ and sharing what He has brought me through. I would love to come and share at your church or event. It doesn’t matter whether it is a small group setting or a large group. Christ has called me stand and share with others the grace and mercy He has bestowed to me.