Music In Me- Ms. Tammy’s Music Program


A great deal of research shows that exposure to music from early childhood onward supports children in their development of creativity, memory, spatial intelligence, mathematics and language.

Additionally, it helps children learn to speak more clearly, develop a larger vocabulary, and strengthen social and emotional skills. Babies as young as 3 months can differentiate musical structures and even recognize music selections they have heard before.

Music helps stimulate brain development like nothing else – improving social skills, self-control, and brain plasticity. These skills will become apparent in children as they grow older, but the immediate joy of quality bonding time between parent and child can be felt after the very first song. Singing lullabies to children, dancing with them to their favorite songs, and making up words to sing about daily life creates deep connections between parents and children.

I am so excited to share my love for music with you and your children.  I have been teaching piano and voice for more than 30 years!  I know first hand how important music is in a child’s life.  I can’t wait to see you in one of my classes really soon.  I am so thankful for these opportunities to pour music in these kids!  See you really soon.  Keep scrolling because you don’t want to miss any of these opportunities coming up! There are camps and classes for children of all ages!

Ms. Tammy

The classes below will be offered at 2 locations, The Bibb Center in White Bluff TN, and Ms. Amy’s Dance Studio in Dickson, TN.  There is a SUMMER SCHEDULE BELOW, and I will post a FALL SCHEDULE in July for all classes.  Please email me to register and inquire on the classes.  To register for one of the classes below,  click on  registration form  and return the form to me at and include the class and location you are registering for in the email. 

Tiny Tots Class        Infant – age 2


Babies and toddlers along with their parents or caregivers will experience bouncing songs, lullabies, and music stories. Participants  will play with scarves, use shakers, and some musical instruments to make this a fun music time together. They will begin to learn to love music and to follow rules as we play together making music! This will be a 30 minute class that will meet once a week for 10 weeks.

Mixed class          Infant – age 5


This music class is for families with siblings who prefer to bring two or more children of different ages to the same class with their parents or caregivers, or for parents who simply prefer a mixed-age setting for their child. The children will sing fun songs, bouncing songs, lullabies, and have a music story time.  We will make music with shakers, and other musical instruments during our time together. This will be a 30 minute class that will meet once a week for 10 weeks.

Ages 4-6


During our time together, we will learn many fun songs, and follow directions, play music games, and the children will also learn a few songs to perform in a fall and spring program TBA.  All participants will use musical instruments and learn rhythm in a fun way in class. This class will meet once a week for 10 weeks.


Ages 5-14      The Musical Stage


We will offer a variety of opportunities throughout the year to get your child on the stage and learning to love performing! We will meet once a week from one hour , except for the week of the performance where there will be extra rehearsals.

Each semester will end with a showcase or fully-staged production where everyone gets a part!

All of our shows will be family friendly. My goal is to give you a safe, kind, and fun environment to help your child grow in their abilities and confidence and talents.

We will have a class begin in August with a production following, and a class that will begin in January with a production following. A full calendar will be posted with each show’s schedule.

*We will possibly have a Red and Blue Cast if we have many students sign up for the class and performance to allow everyone to participate in the performance.

**This class will meet at the Bibb Center in White Bluff, TN only


Tiny Tots Class- Infant – 2, Mixed Class, Ages 4-6

June 4th through July 2nd – SPECIAL $40 FOR 5 WEEKS

Check out our Summer Class to see if you’d like register for our fall semester.

Wednesdays at Ms. Amy’s Dance Studio in Studio B

9:00    Tiny Tots Class               9:45    Mixed Class                10:30  Ages 4-6

Tuesday afternoon at the Bibb Center in White Bluff, TN

4:00   Tiny Tots Class                  4:45     Mixed Class                5:30  Ages 4-6

*Must have at least 4 per class for the class to form

Click on registration form

Fill this out and return to me at, please include the class you are registering for, the location and your child’s name in the email.  If for some reason you can’t print the registration form here, please email me to register your child and you can  fill out the form at the first class or camp.

Disney Music Camp

Disney Music Camp

Get ready to bring your favorite characters to life onstage at our Dazzling Disney camp! From classic Disney to new Disney, your boys and girls will love every minute of singing and dancing to the music we all love.


June 10-14- Bibb Ctr in White Bluff, TN

June 24-28- Ms. Amy’s Dance Studio, Dickson, TN

1:00 – 4:00 PM

Monday – Thursday

Ages 5+

Friday 1-5 pm, with showcase to follow at 5:30

$75 for the week, which includes a t-shirt to wear on Friday for the performance.

To register for the week of camp click registration form , fill it out, and return to me through email me at, along with your child’s name and the location for the camp you are registering for. Also include your child’s shirt size in the email. 

I will send a confirmation email back to you.  You will pay the full $75 on the first day of camp, with cash or check only.

I look forward to sharing my love for music with you and your children.

Ms. Tammy

Tammy Daniel