I am so excited for our 2nd Annual Women’s Night of Worship!!!  I can hardly wait!  I’m kicking my feet as I type this in anticipation for this night with you!

We have a some phenomenal speakers again this year.  We will celebrate together how God has RESCUED each one of us!  Leeza Parker and her team will lead us to the throne in worship again this year.  You will hear from Jennifer O’Neill, Kay DeKalb Smith, Krista Anderson, and me:) We will all celebrate together how God has RESCUED and redeemed us!  I don’t know about you but I love to share any chance I get to about how God has RESCUED and REDEEMED me! That makes me jump for joy!!!

I will post a link here soon for you to get your tickets.  Also this year you can purchase a boxed dinner and come early to eat with us!

So grab your girlfriend’s, your mother, your daughter, grab a stranger… and we will see you on SEPTEMBER 21st at Thompson Station Church for a huge celebration!