Happy New Year!!! 2019 has arrived. A new year full of new adventures. That is exciting.

I ended my year by doing a few things I really enjoyed. I decided to paint my piano room. It has been the same color for over 15 years, and I just redecorated my living room, so every time I looked in there at the dark color, I hated it, and knew I needed to paint it. So Saturday I decided to go buy the paint and do just that! The new color is a beautiful light blue. It changed the whole tone of the room to use this color. The dark floors look gorgeous, and the dark piano stands out beautifully with these light blue walls. It was hard work, but the reward is a beautiful room that changed drastically with a gallon of paint and a little time and determination. The color is tranquil, peaceful and calming. I just love it!(Ignore all the piles of music I have sitting everywhere, yikes!)

living room

That is how my year is going to be, peaceful and calm. Do you know how I already know this? Because the Bible tells me that Jesus is the calm before the storm. He is the peace that passes all understanding. He is the Great Shepherd. He is the healer. He is a God that restores and rescues. He is the God who redeems. He is close as the mention of His name. When I call on Him, He runs to me. He hides me in the shadow of His almighty arms of love. When I need guidance, I talk to Him, and He keeps my feet on His path.

When I am sad, I can call on Him, and He will place a song of joy in my heart. When I don’t think I can go on, on the days when the pain is great, He will hold me in His arms, and when I am weak, He is strong. His Word tells me I will run and not grow weary, because He goes before me.  He hems me in!  Nothing is too big for my God to handle.

The way I can know that this year is going to be amazing is because Jesus is my peace.  Jesus is my joy. Jesus came to give life, and give if more abundantly.  Jesus is whom I seek when life gets tough.  I will choose to spend time with Him daily. When it’s so early and I don’t want to get up, I will get up and read His Word, and I know that He will give me just what I need for that day. When it seems the road is too long and I can’t make it, I will call on His name, and He will deliver me to His safe haven. When the enemy wants to steal my joy, I will say, “Back away devil, I am a child of God, and you are not welcome here!”

On my darkest days when I choose to look to God, the day just isn’t so dark. The night isn’t so long. When I decide to truly trust Him in everything that comes my way, I can lie down in peace, knowing He is and will take care of me.

There’s a song that says…

In the calm of your presence I am listening Lord, I am still I am quiet, I am Yours.

My year is going to be great because I am a daughter of the most high King and He loves me more than words can tell.

The second way my girls and I ended the year is by going to Dollywood! We love the mountains in Tennessee. The day was gorgeous and when we arrived at Dollywood my youngest daughter decided to go ride the Wild Eagle rollercoaster first thing. Every time during the year when she had thought she would ride it, she would change her mind, because the fear was greater than the desire to ride. But this week, she conquered her fear and flew through the air on the Wild Eagle! When she came down after the ride I couldn’t wait to see what she thought. She was smiling ear to ear! She loved the ride, and guess what? She decided to ride it 4 more times! Fear was no longer a problem. She had a blast and was so proud of herself. All day she kept talking about how much fun the ride was. It was a great day!

Dollywood 12/31/18


This year you can choose to live in fear, to carry the weight of your burdens, to wonder if you will even be able to smile at all this year, or…you can decide today that this year will be wonderful because you are a child of the King of all Kings, and Lord of all Lords, who delights in you. You can choose to hide His word in your heart, so on the days when the enemy wants to take you down, you too, can say, “Get lost devil, ain’t nobody got time for that!”

The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness…Galatians 5:22

I do not know what 2019 has in store for me. I may be faced with some hard days, or I may not. I have not idea. But friends, I serve a faithful God who knows what each day holds for me. He has been faithful to me in every situation in my life. He has never forsaken me, not once. Following Him is a wonderful journey. Trusting Him brings peace to every day of my life. Though I don’t know what the year will bring, I know the one who holds my future in His hands, and that’s enough for me.

I am planning to read through my Bible this year. I’ve done this in the past, but as I received an email from several leaders of my church saying they were reading through, I decided to join in. Will you join me? I will keep a copy of the daily reading schedule on my website so you can stay caught up. Hiding His word in your heart, reading His life changing Word, will bring you peace and calm.

I am so excited to dive into 2019! Are you? If you aren’t, for whatever you might be going through, Christ is the answer. Lay it all at His feet, and let His peace flood your heart. Let the calm of His presence fill your soul today!

Go back to the top and look at picture of my piano room.  The tranquil, calm, peace that color brings that room, Jesus will bring to your heart all year long.  He is our peace, He is the calm in our days, and He will lead you along green pastures today and all year long.

Come and see what the Lord has done, the amazing things He has done on the earth. Psalm 46:8

I look forward to sharing my year with you!  I will plan to see you back here next week.

I’m getting ready to start a new online Bible study at the end of January.  If you’d like to do it with me, make sure you subscribe to my website and I will be posting more information soon.


John 4:39