This morning I drove up in the parking lot of my work and remembered I had failed to drop off a bag of trash I had in my back seat, so I drove over to the dumpster in the parking lot of my office.  When I got out of my car, over behind the dumpster sitting on a little bridge was an older man.  As I walked back to my car I heard Jesus whisper to me, “Give him some water.” The man’s clothes were worn and tattered, he sat staring down at the bridge.

I grabbed a few bottles of water I had with me, and went over and ask if he would like some water. To my dismay He replied, “No thank you.” I offered again, and again, he replied,” No thank you, I don’t need it.”

I drove away wondering why He didn’t accept my free gift.  Why he didn’t want the water?

Then I said to myself, “I’ve done my part, I had made the offer.”

As I went into my office and began to work, I couldn’t get this man off my mind.  I began to think, “I need to offer Him the gospel.”  I prayed for him but I felt I needed to offer Him the gospel, the living water.

I said to myself, “Finish what you started, you’re not done, offer Him everlasting water.”

I typed out several verses for Him.  Verses about how Christ cares for us.  A verse about hope.

Then I shared the gospel with him on this paper.  I let him know how easy it is to ask Jesus to live in your heart, and how He alone can change your life.

I went back to the bridge but he wasn’t there, so I taped my paper to the bridge for him. Now I will pray for another opportunity to speak to him face to face because I found out today, that little bridge is his home.


Then I began to think on all the people all over this town, this state, this country, this world who are waiting for us to offer them just a cup of water in Jesus’ name.  They need us to offer them LIVING WATER…

A sweet young friend of mine is leaving in a few months to head back to Kenya where God has shown her, this is the place He has for her to give a cup of water in His name

She has a heart for the young boys on the street there.  So rather than sit,  she is going to be the hands and feet of Jesus and offer them not only a home off the streets, but she will take every moment to share Jesus with them.

Then my mind shifted to my friends who gave up their home and life here to minister in China for 10 years. Oh how many opportunities God gave them to give a cup of water in His name…

They not only built a church from nothing, but they took in orphans, and made 2 of them permanent members of their family as they adopted them.  What a difference they have made for Christ for all eternity.

I read recently of a lady who gave monthly to two kids in another country.  She decided one day to go and see them, and God burdened her heart for people around the globe who need food and water while she was on that trip and saw the needs of so many.

She came back and started an organization where she helps people in America and all around the world, by simply asking others to skip something they can do without and give to the cause of another.  I love that!  She is giving a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name.


You and I who have accepted Christ as our Savior are His disciples.  It’s that easy!

How can you make a difference today for Christ?  Who can you give a cup of cold water to?

Sometimes we make the gospel so complicated, when it’s very simple.  By loving others, which may look like volunteering, going to another country to serve on a mission trip, or sharing a bottle of water, we are sharing Jesus.

Friends we must step out and begin to share the gospel with those we come in contact with.  People are all around us who need to know Jesus.  It’s why we are here on this earth.  He created us to serve Him, love Him, and share Him with the world.  water

Whether it’s in Africa, China, Haiti, or the USA we are all His disciples.  Isn’t that exciting?

How can you and I make a difference today, an eternal difference?

When Jesus stopped by the well in Samaria, he asked the Samaritan woman for a drink.  Rather than insisting she pour Him a drink, He began to tell her about living water.  He now had her attention.  She began inquiring as to what he meant.

He began to share with her, “Whoever drinks the water I give will never thirst again.”

In that one phrase, he took the conversation from everyday water to everlasting water.

She accepted His gift that day, and an entire town saw the change in her, and they wanted this living water.  An entire group of unbelievers found Jesus that day!  What a story of how Jesus changes everything.

Who does Jesus have in your path today? Perhaps you too can step out and offer them the life changing gift, the everlasting gift, the gift of life only Christ can bring them.

John 10:10 says “The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy. I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

The only hope in this world is Jesus.  Let’s take every opportunity we have to share Him with this world who desperately need to hear of His love for them.

Let’s go and live Matthew 10:42 today.  It will change not only the lives of those that accept Christ as their Savior, but it will change us as we share His love more and more.  Sharing the love of Jesus puts a smile on my face, doesn’t it yours? Yes! Guess what? It will put a smile on theirs as well.  That’s what a changed life looks like, one huge smile.water2

Who will you give a cup of cold water to ?

See you back here soon.


Tammy sitting

This is the website of the young lady I mentioned above who will be going to Africa to minister to the street kids.  Please visit her site and support her ministry.  She has a beautiful heart for Christ.  Thanks in advance for helping her spread the gospel!