waves_3This past week has been full of unexpected catastrophic storms in the United States.  In the Houston area thousands lost their homes and belongings as Hurricane Harvey brought flooding to Texas.  Then in Florida we all waited and prayed as Hurricane Irma was on the move, and destroying everything in her path.  Florida had thousands upon thousands evacuating to other states to wait out the hurricane.

We prayed as we watched the Hurricane as it came closer to the states.  Meteorologists everywhere came to the same conclusion, this hurricane would devastate Florida like no other hurricane had in years.  Though I live in Tennessee I watched all the reports and prayed specifically for those I knew who lived in the path of  this hurricane.

Then as it grew closer it began to go down to a class 3, then a class 2, and then a tropical storm.  It did bring devastation to many areas, and flooding came with the high winds and rain, but not as the weather reports had thought it would be.  It was nothing like they thought it would be.  Was this just sheer coincidence as some would say?  No, our Almighty, Heavenly Father is the one who calms the storms, He is the one who says, “Peace be still.”

In the gospel of Mark in chapter 4, we read about a day when the disciples became fearful because a great storm had come upon the waters.  They were scurrying about on the boat, thinking that at any moment the boat would become a pile of wood under the huge waves that were hurling the boat to and fro.

This whole time, Jesus was asleep on the boat.  They ran to wake Him, wondering why He wasn’t coming to help them.  They said, “Don’t you care if we drown?”

He got up and told the winds and waves, “Be Quiet! Be still!” All at once the sea became calm and the wind died down.

The disciples stood in amazement.  I mean they had been with Him, they had seen the power He had to heal the lame, make the blind to see, but in the midst of this storm, they forgot all of that, and they became afraid.

Isn’t that how it is for us.  We can teach the kids about the stories of His miracles, but the moment a storm comes our way, in the midst of the storm, we forget just who God is, and we began to doubt Him, and His power, and we become afraid.  We lay awake at night wondering what we will do. Just like the disciples our faith begins to waver.

But He reminded them that day just who He was. They saw that even the winds and waves obeyed His voice.

Though they had walked with Him, now in their hearts that day they truly found out just who He was.  They would never be the same again.  His power came alive in their lives!

He is the creator of the universe, and the lover of our souls.  HE is the one who put the stars in place, and calms the raging winds in my life.  He gave living water to the Samaritan woman that day at the well, and He gave living water to me.

I could testify over and over of all the times He has flown to my side.  He has calmed the raging waters in my own life time after time.  He drew me out of the deep waters, and drew me to Himself, and I will never cease to thank Him.  He is the giver of life!

Whatever storm is raging in your life, it is NOT too big for God to handle.  He will calm the storm!  Do you believe that?  Do you trust Him?

Rest in Him today and know He sees you, He loves you, and He is with you in the storm.  Call His name and let Him calm your heart restless heart today.  Sometimes He causes the storms to cease in our lives, but sometimes He just walks with us through the storm.

Do you remember the Nestea commercial about taking the Nestea plunge?  That’s what we have to do.  Fall back, let go, and fall into the arms of Jesus.  Take the Nestea plunge into His arms today!

Take the Nestea plunge into the arms of Jesus



So Hurricane Irma was calmed by the hand of God.  He is the one who caused the winds to die down, and the waves to lay back down in he ocean.  Let’s give Him the glory that is due His great name!

He is the master of the sea!  Call on His name today wherever you are, and He will calm the storms of life that toss your soul.  I don’t care if it seems impossible, He does the impossible.  He will calm your storm! Call on Him today.

Even the winds and waves obey His voice.


Leave a comment of a time Jesus calmed a storm in your life.  It is encouraging to others to hear our stories!

I will see you back here next week.


John 4:39