still waters
Still Waters

Like me, I’m sure there are times you find yourself in a place where your heart and mind are sinking in despair. Perhaps you had an unexpected crisis come up and quickly worry took over in your mind.


I was chatting with a friend this week about this very thing. As much as we are true Christ followers, there are just times when anxiety and fear grab us and before we know it our minds are running away and we quickly become overwhelmed and anxious.

It’s a place we often go isn’t it? Perhaps like me your mind has been racing, wondering either how to fix a situation, or how to provide for your family, or how to get it all done. How will your marriage ever work out? Will the cancer spread? Will I ever heal? Will I find the job I desperately need? Where will I live? Will my children ever love me because of my mistakes?

It may be a place of feeling the pain from the past, or worrying over things beyond our control happening right now in our lives. All I know is it comes quickly and in these times I begin to realize where I need to quickly take myself to recover. I know I need to run into the arms of Jesus. It is in His Word that I begin to feel those anxious thoughts flee.

This morning I was thinking on things in my own life that were creating worry and fear. As I prayed God took my mind to the verse in Psalm 23… He leads me beside still waters

As I walked around my office at work the verse just lingered in my mind. So I knew Jesus was speaking to me. He was drawing me aside and calling me to the still waters He has to offer.

He didn’t say in Psalm 23:2 that He was leading me beside turbulent waters. He never says that He is leading me beside raging rivers, no, He bids me to come rest beside the still waters.

What a picture I paint in my mind of this. Go here with me for a bit. I picture myself walking beside this beautiful water, where I see waterfalls flowing, and I am sitting on a rock taking in all of this beauty. I can hear the water gently flowing as a breeze is blowing across my face. Then I began to feel the Hand of Jesus on my shoulder, I look up to see Him smiling at me. He tells me to just lean on Him during those hard times, and talk to Him about all the things making me anxious. So I begin to share my heart with my wonderful Lord. Then I begin to feel this peace flood my heart. He reminds me here beside the still waters that He is in full control of all of those issues flooding my mind, and He tells me He knows He hears me and He will take care of me. So together we sit hand in hand quietly listening to the birds sing, the water flow, and in my heart sweet music is playing. The worry subsides.

Isn’t that a beautiful picture of what Jesus does for us?

Recently I was having one of those anxious moments, when God placed one of my favorite people in front of me. I didn’t need to tell her about my worries, I was just so glad she was there. I was so thankful at that moment God had sent her to be my still waters…

 God sent her to be my still waters last week


Today take your anxious thoughts to the throne of God. Lay them in His hands, and walk with Him beside the still waters. It will be bring tranquility to your heart today. The exciting thing is, this is not a one trip deal. No…. He bids us come sit with Him all the time. There’s no place I’d rather be than sitting with my Jesus beside the peaceful streams of living water. What a sweet Heavenly Father we have. Take some time to go sit with Him today beside the still waters.

Reflect on Psalm 23:2 He leads me beside still waters; He restores my soul.

See you back here next week.