chbo1I spent the weekend with some wonderful women speaking at a Women’s Retreat.  One of the stories I shared has stayed on my mind.  Acts 9:36-42 is the story of a woman named Tabitha or Dorcas. She is the only woman the Bible calls a “disciple.”

God drew me to this story several years back, and it just became one of my favorites quickly.  We know nothing about her background but what we do know is that she had a great ministry happening in the seaside town of Joppa.  Somewhere along her journey Tabitha met Jesus and gave her life to Him.  She then began to use what God had given her to minister to the women in this town.

Many of the women in Joppa were widows whose husband’s has gone to sea and never came back.  Some of the women were so poor, they had nothing. They had no one to care for them or their children.

Tabitha loved to sew, so she began to make shawls to give to these women.  This was the way she reached out to them.  Then I believe she invited them into her home for some tea and cookies.  This is where she began to build a relationship with them.

As she listened to them tell her about their lives, she began to share about where the road of life had taken her.  She used the story of her journey to tell them about Jesus.

Just as God used David and His sling, Moses and his rod, Rahab and some string; He used Dorcas and her needle.  When we surrender our lives to God, He can take anything and use it for His good.

What do you have in your life that God could use?

The love of God flowed from Tabitha.  I’m sure the women didn’t have to spend very much time with her before they saw Jesus in her.  What a heart she had for Christ.

I so desire to be that woman.  I want everyone who is with me to see Jesus oozing out of every part of me.  I want to use my life to tell people about Him, and His saving grace.  In order to do that I have to open up my heart and share what God has done for me.

Again I ask you, what gifts do you have that you could be using for ministry?

Tabitha used what she had, a needle.  When she placed it in God’s hands, He used it to build a ministry right in her home.

All God needs is a willing heart.  Will you decide today to let God use you to tell others about who He is?

Next week we will talk more about Tabitha and her story.  For this week pray for opportunities to share Jesus.  What has God given you to share with others?

Meet me here next week, and we will continue our discussion…