Yesterday our Pastor began a series in Philippians, which I so enjoyed.  He encouraged us to go ahead and read chapter 2 to get ready for next week’s sermon.  So I decided to read it this morning.  I could hardly get past the very first phrase.  Read it with me.

Is there any encouragement from belonging to Christ? Philippians 2:1…

So I ask you the same question, because the answer has excited me all day long.  For you is there any encouragement from belonging to Christ? There is great encouragement in belonging to Christ, but in order to know that encouragement, you and I must pick up His Word and read it!smiley

If I say I belong to Him, then I need to spend time with Him.  I need to make sure I spend time with Him.  You see, I can see a difference in me when I’ve been with Jesus! Especially when I spend time with Him regularly.  So guess what? Others can see I’ve been with Jesus also. They see Him in my ways and my words, in all I do.  It is so evident to others when we spend time with Jesus.  He encourages us in His Word and we in token encourage others with that same encouragement we received.

In the same token, when we don’t spend time with Him, guess what? I can sense it in my day and in my attitude.  My day just doesn’t flow like it does when I start it with Jesus.  Then when others see us, they too can tell when we don’t spend time with Jesus.  It shows in our lives.

I’m going to spend more time on this later in the week, but for now, I ask each one of you to go read Philippians chapter 2.  Just sit with Jesus for a bit and enjoy your time with Him.  Have some coffee and just talk.

There is great encouragement in belonging to Christ.  He speaks to me all throughout my day and reminds me what to say, and makes me smile along the way.  I am so thankful for the relationship I have with Jesus.  May I encourage you to go take some time right now to sit at His feet.