Hello my dear, sweet friends.  I have not blogged in months.  I somehow got off the beaten path of blogging and just didn’t get back on. I was letting other things keep me busy and not committing to take the time I had to share Jesus on my site.  As I’ve prayed for several weeks the sweet Holy Spirit has been nudging me and telling me, “When are you going to do the work I have for  you to do? If you will be transparent and tell others, I will do the rest.” So this year I am jumping off and yielding to the Holy Spirit and telling Jesus, “Yes!”

I was driving and listening to Casting Crowns the other day.  He was talking about the woman at the well.  I turned off the radio and began to think on this story in the Bible.  When Jesus met her there that day, He changed her life.  She left there a different woman than when she came.  Before that day, she was ashamed of who she was and all the things she had done.  She worked hard to stay hidden from the people of the city.

But after she met Jesus she had two options.  She could have decided to just go home and ask the man to leave, and just live her life, telling no one what Jesus had done for her.  She still would have been a saved woman.  But she chose to go into the town and hold her head high, unashamed of whom she had been.  It didn’t matter anymore.  She wanted everyone to know this man, Jesus, and how He had changed her life that day.  I would imagine that many who didn’t know Jesus, thought, “If He can change her, He can change me.” So countless people found Jesus because of her willingness to run and tell.

That’s where I am today.  I want to spend my life, telling others what Jesus has done for me.  I would to share the hope that is found only in Him.  I want to stand up boldly and speak for my Lord, who pulled me from a horrible pit and placed my feet on the rock.  I want to make a difference for Him with my life.

So I am so happy to begin 2016 by saying, “Jesus send me where you would have me go, and prepare the way ahead, because I am Your Servant, and I want to use my life to share the message of hope found only in You with this world.” So I hope to see you soon at your church or event to share my story to help others find Jesus. Choose today to be transparent and share what Jesus has done for you!

Isaiah 43:1

Do not fear for I have redeemed you, I have summoned you by name; You are mine.