Yesterday was a normal day, started like any other, but it turned into a huge wrestling match. Today this picture makes me laugh, yesterday is another story.  I was praying for a friend whom I knew was battling through difficult times.  My heart ached for this friend for I understood how hard the battle was for them right now in their life.  I began to cry out to God on my friend’s behalf.

As I began to cry out on their behalf and command satan to get away, I felt satan coming after me.  Isn’t that how he works? Even though I had began prayer to battle for another, I was the one now being attacked.

In Colossians chapter four, we hear about how Epaphras, was praying for the people, the Bible says , “He was wrestling in prayer for them…

Yesterday me and satan were in a wrestling match.  This is where he attacks us so often, in our prayer lives.  He heard me calling out for my friend, and he didn’t like it one bit.  He doesn’t want us calling out to our Almighty God on the behalf of others.  So it is here, he began to attack my mind.  He began to remind me of mistakes, and he waged war on my mind. He began to make me feel unworthy, small, and was trying to take my confidence in Christ away.

I felt like I was in a big wrestling ring and he was pinning me in those ropes on the sides, then slinging me across the ring. You know what I mean? You see the picture on this post? I felt like the little boy being pounced on by that huge man.  It was painful.

My grandfather used to watch wrestling on television.  He would sit there loving watching these big guys throw one another across the floor.  They would put the arms of their opponent in the ropes and then they would hit them or sling them across the ring.  Then the men would laugh as their opponents hit the ground. It didn’t stop there, then they would jump on top of them as they were lying on the floor in pain.  It was hard to watch sometimes.  (even though I knew some of it was fake)

Yet I felt the pain of satan waging war on me all day yesterday.  It was as if he was jumping up and down on me over and over.  When I would try to concentrate on calling out to God and quoting Bible verses, satan would just come throw me across the floor.  He tried to break my concentration, to wear me down.  Finally at last I was tired and weary. He thought he had gotten what he wanted.  I was broken and unable to fight any longer.  At least that’s what he thought.

We can’t let him win the battle that easily. The Bible talks of wrestling against the darkness, principalities.  In this christian life, he is going to continually wage war against us however he can.  His goal is to keep us down.  Epaphras I am sure was tired as he prayed for the people in Colossians, but he kept wrestling, and praying, determined to keep his focus on God, and not let Satan get his eyes off of those people.  It had to be a battle or the Bible wouldn’t call it wrestling.

So today I am up.  He will not tie my hands in the ropes or keep me down.  My eyes are on Jesus, the perfecter of my faith.  I will get on my knees and keep praying and calling out endlessly for others.  I will not be stopped by satan, because I know that my Lord is greater and stronger and when I am weak, He is strong.

We must keep wrestling , staying our knees, even when it seems we need shin guards on.  We are in a battle, but Jesus is at the front of the army. So keep your eyes on Him and keep on praying and crying out and pushing through! Don’t grow weary in well doing but press on, with your eyes on the prize!

As I type this today I am smiling and telling satan to just go away because this girl is going to tie his arms in the ropes! This is war and it’s time to take a stand and not back down from these attacks.  God is fighting for us and He wins every time. Today I am rejoicing, knowing victory is sweet.  So wherever you are being attacked today, stand strong, and stay in battle on your knees.  Victory is coming your way my friend.