I had already done my morning devotion and was getting ready for work, when I heard God speaking to me and I stopped in my tracks in my kitchen.  Has this ever happened to you? Where you heard God so loudly that it stopped you because you knew without a doubt it was the voice of God and you wanted to hear what He had to say? Well that is what happened to me this very morning.  I stopped and I listened, and this is what I heard Him say to me: I AM ENOUGH

I began to really think about what God was saying to me and why.  You see I have been a Christian since I was a child, and I have heard all the stories about all the miracles of God.  I have watched miracles take place in other’s lives. But today God was reminding me that He could do that same thing for me, as He already had many times before.

I read where Tony Evans put it like this: “The Great Provider is more than enough to take care of you.  Your worries will melt away as you trust God to meet your spiritual, directional, emotional, physical, and eternal needs. ”

So it’s down to me, do I believe that God is enough to meet every need I have today? The answer is yes I believe and I know without a doubt, God is enough!

As I have been praying and crying out to God in many situations in my own life, I see Him today reminding me to have faith and know He hears my prayers and will answer me in His perfect time.  This very morning I was on my knees asking Him to clearly show me the answer to my prayer. He chose to stop me and tell me, “Listen Tammy, I have this, don’t fret, don’t doubt, just know I will meet your every need, as I always have, because I am more than enough for every need in your life.

Psalm 23 reminds us. “The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want, He makes me to lie down in green pastures, He restores me soul.” This is read at so many funerals because of the calming affect it has on the soul.  Just quoting this verse right now, I feel a peace flood my heart.  It reminds me not to worry, and not to scramble and try to find the answers, but to know whatever the need, Christ hears and will take care of that need.  I can rest calmly in Him, my great Shepherd.

As I drove to work this morning so many words were coming to mind of how God has shown me through the years that He is enough. I have watched as He mended broken lives, healed cancer worn bodies, and comforted those in pain.  I have seen Jesus in all of these situations.  I have watched as He has restored my own life when several years back, I didn’t want to live.  I have watched Him provide my every need financially in a way only He could.  I have felt the torment of pain, and felt the peace as He comforted my heart and removed the sin.

So my friends whatever you are battling today, may I remind you that Christ is Enough. Lay it at His feet and allow Him to carry your burdens.   I have been struggling with this very thing, awake wanting to help God work in a matter in my own life. Today He reminded me, He doesn’t need my help.  I need to let Him be my guide, let Him work in my relationships, my finances, in everything.  I want you to get up right now and get on your knees and tell God whatever you are battling, and say, “Jesus thank you, because I know without a doubt you will always be enough for me.  You are all I need.” raise