It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas time! Or is it?

I have read so many comments and blogs today about having joy during Christmas, even in the midst of pain.  The reality of that statement is even though it’s the time of year we celebrate the birth of Christ, and we entertain family and friends, and go to Christmas parties, many can not seem to focus on the celebration because they are focused on pain in their lives.

I understand! About three years ago, I was so depressed because of painful decisions I had made and my life seemed to be falling apart.  I couldn’t seem to focus on the “joy” of the celebration.  My pain was unbearable and it seemed it would never end.  I remember having friends try to take my out, and trying to focus on the real meaning of the season, but I just could not seem to focus on this “joyful” time!

You, my friend, may be feeling the same way.  I don’t know what has you down this season, but it seems your “joy” is gone.  Whether it’s sickness, relationships, or finances, your “joy” is just no there.

I love the verse, Psalm 30:5, “Weeping may endure for the night, but JOY comes in the morning.

My friends, I made it through my situation! Is it still sometimes painful? Very painful some days! Yet can I tell you, that God gave me “joy” and peace and contentment that only He can give.  Even in the middle of a painful situation you can find your “joy” because it comes from your personal relationship with Christ. It comes from getting on your knees and talking to Him and telling him exactly how you feel. Then He will take care of you! That is a promise from His Word!

Being a daughter of the King doesn’t keep me from trials, but I can rest assured that He is in full control of every event in my life.  I trust Him completely to take care of me! You can too!

So today I ask you to choose to have “joy” during this season.  Focus on what Christmas is really about.  Know that if you have a personal relationship with Jesus, He hears you and will take care of you, and will work all for your good! Smile knowing you are a child of the King!

Get up and focus on others and let them see Him in you! This is the season we celebrate the greatest gift that ever came to the world! Jesus Christ!  That is reason to have “JOY”! Remember, it really is the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR! Merry Christmas!