I haven’t been here for a bit and shared a blog. I have been taking a trip down memory lane and revisiting the past somewhat. Basically I have been having a pity party as Satan has had me sitting in the middle of a lot of pain. I can choose to sit here and like a pig roll around in my pain, or I can tell Satan to just take a flying leap and get back to the plan God has for my life. So I am getting up and once again moving forward in the grace of Jesus. You ever been here? Sure we all have where life just stinks or perhaps it’s just different and this new different is driving you crazy. Like the Israelites, in Nehemiah, we focus on the pile of rubble(mess), and when we do that we can’t see the plan God has.

I am reminded that King David, who was a friend of God said in Psalm 16:8, “I have set my eyes ever before You…” He was in a great place and happy and never going to forget it. Then over a few chapters, he is in a cave asking God, “Where are You?” He was in the cave scared for his life and wondering where God was. His joy was not evident in this chapter and David had lost his focus. He was focused on the moment and reacting to his feelings. Feelings are a powerful thing! Though he was calling upon God, he was not remembering exactly who God was and the fact that He would make a way for him, for a time David the great King was angry and scared and focused on his mess.

We are human and we do the same thing. Although I am quite aware my God has delivered me from the past events, I sometimes let one thing get me scared and anger comes out and I am focused once again on the mess.

I was reminded a few weeks ago as I studied to teach class that when Nehemiah went to lead the Israelites to rebuild the wall he had a lot of people focused on the big pile of mess instead of what the wall could do for them in the end. They couldn’t seem to focus on the task at hand because they couldn’t get past the pile of rubble sitting there. Nehemiah kept cheering them on and reminding them what the wall could do for them in the end. Once they shifted their focus they finished the task and oh the excitement at what they had accomplished. That’s what happens when we stop focusing on the big mess and focus on what God has for us that we can’t see!

As I read in Hebrews earlier about the faith of Moses, I was reminded he could have lived the rest of his life in the desert thinking about the man he had killed and focusing on the pain. Instead when God called Him He chose to look at the reward in the future rather than the sin of the past. That is good stuff. Oh how God used this man’s life, a man who had messed up, a man that ran away, a man that told God to use someone who could speak better, but no God chose to use this man! Moses didn’t focus on his past but on the future and on God. His eyes were focused on His Lord!

So you and I have a choice today. Where is your focus? Is it on the pile of mess you can’t get past or is it on the future plan and the promise God has given. We all lose focus at times because life is overwhelming us. We can either run to the rock of our salvation or we can sit in the pain and let it overwhelm us more. Get up and build the wall, quit focusing on the past or the pile sitting in front of you right now. Just take one brick at a time and begin to rebuild your life.