Yesterday I was sharing with a friend about my day.  To be bluntly honest, it wasn’t a good day! It was so overwhelming that I wanted to run away, or bury my head in the covers and hope when I came out it was gone.  You know the kind of day I mean?  I told her that I was broken but alright. We both began to laugh.  So what does it mean to be broken but alright?

For a few years I have been healing from a very broken time of life.  God has been so faithful to me.  Two years ago I couldn’t imagine that I would smile and mean it.  I was depressed and overwhelmed with life. I was allowing fear to hold me captive.  My friend’s, I fell on my face one night and told God I was at the end of my rope and guess what happened? He picked me up and pulled me out of a horrible pit, as it says in Psalms, He set my feet upon the rock.  He began to mold me and make me into the lady He needed me to be.  It has been an amazing transformation, and restoration! Honestly even after I ask God to restore my life, and He did, I still had much healing to do.   Healing is a process.

Yet as I say so many days, I am a work in progress! Who isn’t!  I mean all the scars are still there.  So for yesterday it was like some of the scars became a little puffy again, they were bleeding a little.

One of my favorite verses says, “When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.” So yesterday I had much going on in life.  For a little bit I allowed myself to become overwhelmed and forget that my Rock, Jesus Christ, is there to handle all that overwhelmes me.  I just need to sit back and trust.

So I am still in the middle of a broken time in my life. As I have already stated, yesterday was a very painful day.  Those days will continue to happen from time to time.  A whirlwind came my way and for a brief moment I wanted to hide. As I shared in another blog, the pain resurfaces.   Yet instead I hid in the crevice of the Rock of Ages.  I love the old hymn that says, “A wonderful Saviour is Jesus my Lord, a wonderful Saviour to me, He hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock; where rivers of pleasure I see.” That’s where I am, right now I am a little broken but mending quite nicely in my Father’s hands.  He is allowing me to rest my weary bones for a while and hide in His hands and under His wings.

So let me tell you, if you can relate and I am sure you can, then just run to the Father and let Him handle your brokenness.  Trust He always knows what is best for His children.  WE are all human and life is just plain hard sometimes.  It’s then we need to cling closely to God.  So today I can smile a little as I tell you I am “BROKEN BUT ALRIGHT.”