He’s faithful, Jesus is faithful, my Jesus is faithful to me. Through the valley and on the mountains so high, Jesus is faithful to me!

This song is stuck in my mind today. God has had me focused on His faithfulness for some time. It’s a good thing to focus on. Maybe because in the valley it’s hard to see that there could be anything good coming from it. It’s hard to think on God’s faithfulness when life has you slammed to the ground. Sometimes I feel like the road-kill I see all the time, just zapped and slammed.

Psalm 33:4 tells us…in all things He is faithful. I just love that verse. That means that when we are sitting in tears because of life experiences and we don’t know what or how it will end, He is faithful. When we are facing cancer treatments and are not sure in the end they will help, He is faithful. When our children have made choices and now we see the consequences playing out, He is faithful. When the bill comes and we don’t have the money, He is faithful. All things simply means in all things! That is really profound isn’t it, but that is how easy it is.

It’s easy to focus on the chaos rather than the fact that the chaos will eventually end! I used to hear it said all the time, “God won’t place more on you than you can bear.” I would think, well God do you understand I can’t bear much more? I would have these conversations with God like He had no idea! My friends, He knows exactly how much we each can bear, and the Bible is clear that He will make a way for you.

At this time last year I had no job and eight piano students. I sat and wept in my floor trying to figure out how I would survive. You see, I didn’t have to figure it all out, God already had it figured out. All I had to do was sit back, pray and trust. I never went without for one day that entire year, He met every need. I was able to be at home for a bit and write a book, then at the perfect time, He provided a part-time job. This fall I will begin piano with 27 students. God has been faithful to me!

So today wherever you are, know you can trust Him. He will never fail you, He always does what He says He will do. In time you will see the plan unfold and you can sit back and relax and see how He carried you through. Remember even if we don’t understand everything in this life we are going through, God is still faithful!