Happy Friday everyone! Today I am sharing a guest blog with you from Elizabeth Johnson. Elizabeth is only 20 years old with a huge heart for Christ. I so enjoy reading her facebook post’s each week. Her love for Christ shines in all she does. It is exciting for me to see a young girl with such a passion for Christ. I know you will enjoy this read today, as you hear her honest and sincere heart for Christ in this blog post. Remember we are all on a journey, where has Christ been taking you? Enjoy hearing a little about Elizabeth’s journey…thus far.

So recently, The Lord has decided to take away all of my hopes, dreams, plans for my future, wishes, and desires. He has literally been changing me and remolding me from the inside out;quite frankly, I’ve hated it. Everything I have once known has now completely vanished before my eyes, and I can do nothing about it. For the past month, my sweet, loving spirit towards Jesus has changed to a very angry, hateful one. I always ask the same question to The Lord which is “Why God are you doing this to me?”. If I wasn’t asking him that, I was cursing His name, screaming at him, or throwing a fit. Honestly, none of that has helped me. It’s made me feel empty, depressed, and it has caused me to run far from Jesus. Sometimes when The Lord tests us (he does not TEMPT us), we forget that He truly loves us. We forget that His plans and His testing are to grow us to have a more intimate relationship with Him. As much as what He is doing hurts me, I realize that I’m like A sculpture and God’s chiseling me away to make a beautiful masterpiece. James 1 tells us to “consider it PURE JOY my brothers when you face trials of many kinds because the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” Why should we have Joy when everything we once had is taken away from us? Well, I saw a picture someone drew the other day that beautifully described it. A little girl stood before Jesus with a small teddy bear in her hand. She looked up at him and whimpered, “Lord, must I give this to you?” Jesus, holding a teddy bear behind his back that was 10xs the size of Her little one, grinned and said, “Yes, trust me.” We can have joy in trials because when we surrender everything to The Lord, He will bless us with 10xs more than what we expected. Jesus knows why He does these things to us, and even when we don’t understand, we must know that Kicking and fighting against The Lord won’t help us. What will help us though is if we totally surrender our will to His.