As I went about my morning I was really pondering over a verse I had read earlier in the day. Psalm 18:19, “He rescued me because He delighted in me.” I began to think back of all the rescues through my life. In this chapter King David was praising the Lord for all the times He had delivered him from his enemies. It would take me page after page to tell you all the times He has rescued me. I am sure you can relate.

You see God didn’t just rescue David one time, but over and over He came to His side. How good is that my friends? We serve this wonderful God who comes to our rescue when we call upon Him. Now He doesn’t always come immediately but He comes. His time and ours is two different things. Sometimes His plan takes patience and trust on our part.

David knew He would see him through. Every time trouble came his way, the first thing He did was call out to God. We know from the scriptures that God delivered him EVERY TIME!

He will do the same for us. There is a song that says, I need You Jesus to come to my rescue… It doesn’t matter how many times you have called out for Him to deliver you in the past, He wants to come to your side each time. Whether you may be in the middle of sickness, relationship issues, addiction, affairs, enemies attacking, He wants us to call to Him. He wants to hear your cry for help. It shows that we are dependent on Christ and Christ alone for deliverance.

I love this verse because it tells me Jesus wants to come and rescue me because He takes great delight in my life. That makes me smile!! The King of all Kings takes delight in running to my side when I call. He is happy to come to me. He puts His arms around me and pulls me out if I need to get out of the pit. He puts His arms around me if I am hurting and just need comfort. If I am falling He flies to my side and says, “I am here, take my hand, I am all you need.” Whatever the need, He is the answer! How many long nights have I felt His warm embrace.

The past several years have been very hard. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I cried to God to please come to my rescue. For a season I was caught up in sin, and wasn’t walking close to God. When I began to see where I was, I got on my knees(there’s just something about getting on your knees) and I begged God to please help me. I am here to tell you, He pulled me out of a horrible pit and placed me on a rock! I still made some bad choices. Yet He delivered me, He rescued me, because He delights in me. What a wonderful, caring, loving Lord I serve.

I am so thankful for this verse today. For the reminder that He has and will continue to rescue me because He takes great delight in my life. I love my Lord, may I use my life to tell all of the wondrous things He has done for me. You see, I didn’t deserve to be rescued, and neither did you, but yet He just comes because He simply loves His children. I am so thankful because there will be many more days I am sure where I will cry out, I need you Jesus to run to my rescue…and I know He will come!tammycreek