tdToday, maybe my blog looks a little different. Sometimes different is good! I just want to tell you today how much I love my wonderful Lord. Don’t you just have those days where you just want to sit and praise Him all day, just because He is worthy?

Yesterday as I read in Matthew 4 and 5 I could hear Him speaking to me. I read about Jesus going to the disciples and saying to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Each time, the Bible says,”immediately” they followed Christ. That began to resonate in my heart as never before. For so long I have felt God calling me to trust Him and just do what I know He is calling me to do. I guess I just am waiting on the right day, the right person, the right time for everything to fall into place. Yet God has been opening so many opportunities for me to minister right where I am. If we will but say “yes”, He will use us! I am so thankful!

Yesterday I could feel God saying to me, “Tammy, there is no day better than today to let me have all of you.” I immediately said, “Yes, Lord I am here to do whatever You need for me to do.” He wants to take me deeper with Him. After that I saw the exact verses I had ended on, on someone else’s facebook page. I took note that my Lord was directly speaking to me and I am listening.

So what is it God is asking you to do for Him? We are not all called to go, but we are called to stand up and use the gifts He has given to us in service for Him. It really struck me as never before that the disciples didn’t stop and have to think about it, they just got up and went. They put their faith into “immediate” action. That is sooo good! They went deeper with Christ.

So here I am Lord, your servant, ready to go deeper with You! I am so excited everyday to see what God has for me this day! So may I encourage you to get excited and pray and ask God to show you how He desires to use you my friends. Are you willing to go deeper with Christ? Our life here is about the life to come! May we use each day to encourage each other and draw those who don’t know Jesus to Him. I want my light to shine brightly for God!

Today I just want to thank Him for the gifts He has given me. I thank Him for saving my soul and drawing me to Him. I am so thankful for the life He has given me! I love Him and Praise Him for just being my wonderful Lord. Are you listening to His voice? He spoke to the disciples and said, “Will you follow me?” They had a choice like we do, and each of them said, “Yes Lord.” What is your answer today? God desire’s to take each of us deeper with Him, “immediately“!