road 2I am so encouraged so many have stopped by my website this week. I pray you find encouragement here to help you keep going on your journey. I had a friend share a story with me this week and I ask her if she would allow me to share it with you. We are all on a journey in this life. It truly helps to hear that someone else knows how we feel. So enjoy this story from Denise. I hope you will leave your story for me to share as well. May God use this story to encourage your heart today.
On Saturday I started to feel overwhelmed by my current circumstances. Although it was a beautiful day out, I could not snap out of the depressed state of mind that I was in. I moped around with a frown on my face, obviously feeling sorry for myself. I tried to get up and move around but if there was a place to lie down I did. My four and eleven year old would talk to me and I would muster up the energy to raise my head and give a quick response but then drop my head back down. I hated how I felt, but I could not snap my fingers and change it.

I eventually made my way to my bed. My husband asked me if I was going to be okay and I said, “Hopefully one day.” As I lay there in my bed wishing I could be mentally stronger, I guess without even realizing it I silently cried out to God. All I could say was, “Help me!”

It could not have been more than a couple of minutes and my phone rang. I got up to see who it was and saw that it was my friend, Karen. Well, first of all if I had opened my mouth I would have started to cry and secondly I thought, I have nothing to give or offer to her in conversation, so I ignored the call. Well, I then heard my husband say from the kitchen that Karen was in our driveway. This was not normal.

I thought, “Oh, no!” So I pulled it together and put on a brave face, went outside and saw that Karen was just barely into the drive and had not come up on the porch. She asked me what the kids and I were doing. I said, “Nothing.” She told me that she and her daughter were going swimming if we would like to join them.

I immediately teared up as I knew that God had heard my cries and sent Karen to save me. I told her what I had been going through and that yes, we would love to join her. This gave me a renewed strength, mentally and physically.

While there, Karen told me I had been on her mind for a few days and that something had steered her into my driveway that day. I told her God had used her that day and she was my angel.

I know God is always watching over me and my family and He is doing things that I can’t see but that day I witnessed Him working and answering my open heart cry instantly. I’ve actually been there once or twice before, called out to God but have not seen a miracle right before my very eyes. So I asked myself, what was different about this time and I came to this conclusion. In my walk, I’m learning and applying an open heart. God saw that I was desperate and that I knew I had nothing without Him in that moment.

I will never forget Him saving me in that time of desperation and witnessing my Heavenly Father rescue His little girl. I thank Him for giving me and letting me see the miracle.