reflectionToday I went to my happy place. It is a beautiful place by a creek where I can sit at an old beat down picnic table and pray, reflect and thank God for His grace to me in my life. I always smile when I drive up, ready to enjoy the beauty God created and sit in His presence.

As I sat down with a creek on one side of me and a beautiful field on the other, I began to talk to God about where I was in life. I immediately felt His peace flood my soul. Don’t you love it when you are alone with God, just you and Him and you can really bask in His presence? I was just so enjoying my time with Him today.

I began to reflect back on all God had brought me through since I first began to come to my happy place. He has been so good to me! You see I remember sitting there one day so broken I didn’t think I would ever be whole again. I felt worthless and ashamed of my sin. I thought I would live in that brokenness forever and God would love me but I would just exist. It seemed like a defining moment. I mean I am far from perfect and I had sinned in my life of course, but not like this. I had had an emotional relationship that was not God honoring. I was so ashamed that I had lived, for a time, in disobedience to God. I was so sorry I had let Him down. I felt my sin was so great this time, God could never use me.

Today I smiled knowing that when I ask for forgiveness He not only forgave me but He extended His grace to me over and over. He put the “pep” back in my step. He gave me joy like never before. He reminded me that was not my defining moment, praise God! Lamentations reminds me that every morning His mercies are new. His faithfulness to me, I will never get over. I didn’t deserve to be forgiven, yet He forgave me. Oh how He loves me! He pulled me from a horrible pit and placed me on a rock and I will live the rest of my life telling all I see what my God has done for me. I will take every opportunity to tell them the grace that was extended to me.

Not only has He extended His grace to me and forgave me; He has allowed me to use my painful past to help others. I can’t tell you how many times God has allowed another to cross my path and given me an opportunity to tell them I could totally understand where they were because I had been there too. It makes my heart leap with joy to know when I am transparent I can help another weary soul. Our pain has a purpose!

So today, in my happy place, I sat and thanked my God as I reflected on where I am today and where I was before. Only my wonderful God can do a work like that! So don’t give up wherever you are in life. Tell God where you are and He will extend that same grace to you my friends. He will carry you through and place you on a rock, if you will ask Him too.

I am a reflection of His grace. I do not walk in shame but with my head held high, thankful for the grace extended to me. I will use the rest of my life to give Him glory for what He has done for me and through me. My friends I no longer live in shame but I live in the joy of my Lord, ready to give a testimony of all that His grace has brought me through. May I live my life so others can see, I am truly a reflection of His Grace. Tammy Daniel tammycreek