Woman-PrayingThere are times in my life, when I am on the mountain top. Life is wonderful in every way. Then suddenly life comes at me hard, and I often say, “This is too much, where is God? Why now?” Have you ever had those questions?

I have been studying some verses about prayer. Let’s look in I Kings 17:8-24. This is a beautiful story of Elijah and the widow. God sent Elijah to this widow’s home. When he arrived he asked her to bring him some bread. She said I don’t have enough flour except for myself and my son. Elijah told her not to be afraid, but to go and make him a small cake and she would have enough flour to make one later for her and her son. So this widow had a choice at that point. Trust God would provide, or tell Elijah no. The widow went and made the cake for Elijah. This act of faith is beautiful. She received blessing because she believed and trusted. She must have been so excited at what God had done for her. I bet she was on top of the world. I mean one moment she had barely enough flour for two cakes, and then suddenly God gives her an endless supply! She was probably sweeping the floor and singing praise to God as she did.

Don’t you love it when you watch God come through and answer your prayers? It’s a mountain top experience that I love. It makes me sing in the car, shout around the house, praise Him while I wash the clothes, thank Him as I fold the clothes, it’s an exciting time. Then something comes my way, and I am in the valley of doubt. Sometimes my prayer goes like this, “God where are You now, I mean yesterday You came through and life has been grand, but why this? What do You want from me?” Have you ever prayed like I have? Come on, be honest:)

Well the widow was on top of the world, but then suddenly her son became sick. He was the most precious thing in her life. The sickness became worse until we read he had no breath left in him. Now she was angry. She was angry at Elijah, and said, “Did you just come here to expose my sin and to kill my son?” She began to question her God and why such tragedy would come her way. She felt she had committed some sin that had caused her son’s death.

Our true colors come out when our most valued possessions are called into question. When our lives are turned upside down, we suddenly say, “God where are you? I don’t deserve this!” We become angry and begin to question God.

Elijah simply took the boy into his hands and took him into a private place to pray over him. Elijah began to talk to God, “Oh God, my God, why have You brought this terrible thing upon this widow who has opened her home to me? Why have You killed her son?” Then Elijah prayed laying on top of this boy, EXPECTING to see life breathed back into him. When that wasn’t happening, he didn’t give up, he kept crying out to God on this boy’s behalf. The second time, he still wasn’t breathing. So the third time, Elijah laid down on top of the boy and prayed believing God would answer his prayer. The boy sat up and was alive!

When the widow saw her son walk in the room, can you imagine her face? I mean, hello, he was dead when Elijah took him from her. Now he was not only breathing but walking toward her. Can you imagine how her joy was restored and what a deeper walk with God she now had after the tragedy? She knew her God would supply all her needs, she need never question Him!

We serve that same God. We need to be persistent with our prayers. Sometimes my faith begins to waiver and after a while, I just want to give up, but God says,“Believe, trust, ask and it shall be given!” He wants us to be persistent and keep believing and trusting that He will come through. I have watched Him, time after time. So today, don’t give up but keep trusting God no matter how long you have been praying. God turns tragedy to triumph. That is our God, Jehovah. He loves us and wants the best for us. He wants us to keep turning to Him to answer our prayers. He can and He will in His time. Trust Him in the tragic days and watch Him transform them to triumphant days!