sun-rays-2I am just one of those people that relate a song to everything. A little earlier on this icy day, the sun began to shine through the clouds for a moment.  That old song came to mind, “Here comes the sun,( du-du-du-du), Here comes the sun…” It’s a cheery tune that makes the day a little brighter.

I had read John chapter 5 and began to correlate this with my song.  At the beginning of this chapter there is a man by the pool of Bethesda who hasn’t walked for thirty eight years.   At this pool at a certain time an angel would come down and stir up the waters, then whoever could get in first was made well.  Well this man couldn’t walk and it seems no one would carry him down.  So day after day he longed to be able to get in so he could walk again, but it never happened.   Then Jesus passed by! Here comes the “Son,” and we know what the Son did.  He said, “Why aren’t you getting in the water?” The man explained why to Jesus. Jesus firmly says, “Get up and take your bed and walk!” This man got up and he walked!

He had to have a smile spread across his face that day.  I bet once He knew this was Jesus he began to tell his story to anyone who would listen about the day Jesus passed by.  Things that appear impossible are possible when the “Son” passes by.

I was so excited when I read Psalm 71 out of the message.  The first verse says, “I run for dear life to God, and I’ll never regret it!” This chapter talks about how God kept David going when trouble was all around him.  His hope was in God, and He determined to continually praise Him. He said they are gossiping saying, “God has left him, go pounce on David, we can take him now.” So David said in verse twelve, “God don’t watch from the sidelines, Come on! Run to my side!” I love it! David knew who was fighting for him.

I know how King David felt.   How many times have I felt the world falling in on me, and just ran to God and cried out, “Please help me!” The most exciting part is He did, in His perfect timing.   I like David can say with pure excitement, “I run for dear life to God, and I’ll never regret it!” I can just picture myself running to Him and He wraps His loving arms around me and holds me tight.   He tells me He will never leave me nor forsake me. Oh the precious time I have sitting at the feet of Jesus. Then there have been those times when I didn’t have to utter a word, and He comes running to my side.  When I am at my very worst and I cry to Him, I look up and “Here comes the Son!”

The man by the pool of Bethesda was a changed man after Jesus passed by. He knew who to run to for the rest of his life.  I serve a mighty God that longs for me to run to Him.  Not only can I run and jump in His arms of love, but I have this blessed assurance that He will run to me when I call on His name.  I wish I could just explain to you the joy I have typing this! I could go on and on about my wonderful Lord.

I have this sweet peace today, knowing whatever comes my way, as long as I live in obedience to Christ, I have no worries.  He is going to take care of my every need.  I thank Him for the many days I have cried out to Him, and He extended His mercy to me.  Remember we serve a living Savior, and He longs for us to run to Him.  He is the only one who can meet our every need.  So next time you cry out for Him to run to you, don’t question whether He will or not, He will! Look up, and then sing, “Here comes the Son!”