Acts 2:14 “Then Peter stood up with the Eleven, raised his voice and addressed the crowd..”

For months now I have felt a calling to yield my life to God, to whatever ministry He might have for me. I have been praying and reading the Word, yet I haven’t been quite sure what to do next. I guess I expect God to just place a letter in a burning bush out front and then I will know exactly how I am to serve. You might be laughing but how often do we say with our mouth I want God to use my life but what is it going to take for us to stand up and begin to just do it?

This weekend we had a wonderful mission’s conference at our church. Each service we were encouraged to just put our “Yes” out there and allow God to do the rest. I recalled the passage I have been stuck on for weeks now, Acts chapter 2. It has so intrigued me that on the day of Pentecost when there was a huge crowd gathered Peter got up and just began to speak. It doesn’t say that they had all talked about it and Peter was voted the one who should share the gospel that day. It really doesn’t say. It simply says they were all gathered there and Peter got up and began to share Jesus with the crowd. Peter, the disciple who had denied Jesus. Afterwards he was so ashamed of what he had done; he felt that his life was useless to Christ.

Then Jesus appeared to the disciples while they were fishing and Peter was ecstatic! That day Jesus let Peter know he was not only forgiven but He wanted to use Peter to reach the world for Him. He told him to feed His sheep, to tend to them. He was saying go tell this world about the miracles you saw and witnessed. Don’t worry about the how and where, you listen for my voice and I will tell you the where and how. You just follow me, Peter. Peter was so excited to be given a second chance. In his heart he was yelling “Yes Lord, I will follow you wherever you want me to go!”

So I believe Peter was eager to begin to tell the people the message of salvation. He was so thankful for the restoration He received from Jesus; he just wanted to serve Him wherever He could. So that day He just began to share from His heart the message of Jesus. Isn’t that what He wants us to do? Just get up and begin to share what Christ has done for us? I think so. We need to live as if there is no tomorrow and be a people that is consumed with reaching this world for Christ. I am no different than the disciples who left their boats and their tax collecting jobs to follow Jesus and neither are you.

I don’t believe God calls everyone to leave and move to a foreign land. But I do believe He calls everyone to serve. How will we reach the world for Him if we never leave our driveways? So I have laid my “Yes” on the table. I am ready to stand up wherever God gives me the opportunity and share His message. That may be with my neighbor, or someone God places in my path. It may be on the job for you or in a foreign land. It may be on a short term mission trip, or with a family member. It may be to two thousand people or two people. We just have to say “Yes” Lord I am willing to serve. He will provide the plan and the means.

My life is like a vapor, here one moment and then it’s gone…. I want to make my life count for eternal purposes. So like Peter will you stand up and boldly tell someone about Jesus today? Will you share what God has done for you to reach someone who has never heard? Will you step out of your comfort zone to encourage a weary soul? I am praying for God to use me in a mighty way! I want to stand up as Peter did and share what Christ has done for me. Our life here should be about the life to come. Because Peter stood up and spoke from His heart and allowed God to use Him and speak through him, over three thousand souls were saved that day. He put his “yes” on the table and let Christ use his life. When will you lay your “Yes” on the table and boldly stand for Christ who died for you?

Help me win the lost, help me see them in their need
Help me win the lost, salvation’s cause to plead;
Help me win the lost, oh Spirit please empower, oh please
Help me win the lost, use me now this hour.