I remember years ago that Courtney Rice used to sing a song in church I loved called, “God loves people more than anything.” Isn’t that so exciting? The God who created this universe desires to use you and me as His hands and feet on this earth. That is amazing to me. He loves us so very much, His creation. To accomplish His will He could just speak the words and cause It to be, yet He desires to use those that He created to tell His story to a lost and dying world. How does that make you feel?

Many years ago I went to McDonald’s to grab a quick burger. I must confess I am a people watcher. I was looking at a Mom with her son in her lap with an ice pack on his head. Two other kids were at the table beside her with their heads down. There was no food on their table. The Mom looked very perplexed to me. I heard one of the children say “Mom I am hungry, can we please have some food?” At this point I decided to go over and ask if I could help with anything. She explained to me that they were on the interstate and their van tire had blown out suddenly. When this happened her son had hit his head very hard. They were not from this area and her husband had gone into town to have their van fixed. This was before cell phones were popular, back in the stone ages! So she had no idea when he would return. I ask her if I could buy lunch for them. She agreed and went and got the sweet kiddos some lunch. She had them all come to my table and say thank you. I was so happy to help. She told me later in conversation they were missionaries. We each begin to share our faith with each other. I was so excited to have come in contact with this family. I thanked God for using me that day. I left and went and found her husband to find out how long before their van would be ready. I then went back and told her a time he would return. This all put a smile on my face and in my heart.

A few months after this,some of my friends were talking with their friends, who were missionaries in Russia. They told them there is a lady whom we think attends church with you who was very kind to our mission partners here. Who would have thought that across thousands of miles we would have a connection. These people told my friends to thank me for helping in the situation.

My friends I don’t call that a coincidence but a divine appointment. I was so excited to be His hands that day. I will never forget that story and how God used that to remind me if I will open my mouth He is waiting to use me. The Bible reminds me that my life is but a vapor, it’s here one moment and then it’s gone. There is a song that says, “May I ever burn with your fire, and never let me lose that desire, to make a mark on this world for you.”

How will you show God’s love today? It may be with a card, a plate of cookies, reaching out to a neighbor, or a stranger in the line at McDonald’s Today look for ways to be God’s hands and feet. God loves people more than anything. His greatest desire is for this world to know Him. How will they know if we don’t tell? I John 3:18 tells us my little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth. More than anything He wants us to go and show the world so they will know, That God loves people more than anything…..