On October 14,1923 my Dad, William Clyde Hudson Jr. was born. So today, I thought it would be fitting to tell you about the man I called Daddy and celebrate his life with you.

My Dad was 46 years old when I was born. He and my Mom prayed for a child for 8 years, and then you guessed it, they were given a daughter, me! At this point my Dad was a minister. He was saved in his mid 30’s and felt called to preach the gospel. He loved telling people about Jesus. He never missed an opportunity either. I can remember driving down Main street in our hometown and he would roll down his window and yell out to someone on the sidewalk he knew, “Have you accepted Christ as your savior yet?” I was a little like whoa! He never was ashamed to talk about the King of His life, Jesus Christ. He knew the life God had saved him from and used every opportunity to tell others about Jesus.

My Dad had a big sense of humor. I can remember one day my Mom and I were leaving. He had hidden outside behind the bushes in an old black trench coat and hat. When we came out the front door, he yelled. We screamed and jumped. He just laughed hysterically. He was always smiling. He had a big smile on his face all the time, everywhere he went. He loved to tell jokes. I remember that he was showing me how to use a roman candle one fourth of July. When he handed it to me I somehow got the thing pointed towards him. He turned around and it burned his back. He just bent over and laughed. I am so thankful God gave him a big sense of humor which he shared with me.

He also had a deep love for music. He loved to play the guitar. He had a nice electric Gibson guitar. He could play that thing. Wow! We spent many Saturday nights at friend’s houses with him playing his guitar and all of us singing. Fun times! He is the reason I play the piano. He wanted me to learn. I hated piano lessons but he made me stick with it. I am so thankful he did, because I love to play the piano. He would sing really funny songs sometimes. They were silly but funny. His favorite song was this, “Jesus use me, and oh Lord don’t refuse me, surely there’s a work that I can do. And even though it’s humble, Lord help my will to crumble, and though the cost be great I’ll work for you.” He loved that song and sang it so many times in church. So I am so thankful God gave my Dad a deep love for music which he passed on to me.

Most of all I am thankful for His deep love for Christ. I can remember as a child that I would sometimes ride with him to his altar in the woods off highway 46 in our town. We would park and he would show me where to play while he went a little farther. I could still see him knelt down and praying to God. It was his place to talk to his heavenly Father. My Dad was preaching 33 years ago about the son going home to be with the Father when he had a massive heart attack behind the pulpit. One moment he was telling others about going to be with the Father and the next moment he was with His heavenly Father. That is amazing. He prayed to die preaching, and God gave him his greatest desire.

So today as I reminisce of my childhood days I am so thankful that God chose to place me in the arms of Clyde and Wilma Hudson many years ago. Although I only had ten years with my Dad I wouldn’t trade places with anyone. He instilled in my a wonderful sense of humor, a deep love for music, but the greatest gift was he taught me about Jesus. In our living room at the age of eight, I accepted Christ as my savior. Forever I am a child of the King, a daughter of the most High Lord. I am so thankful for my childhood with my Dad. Happy 90th birthday to my Dad, Clyde Hudson. I love you Daddy.