FEAR. That four letter word is a difficult word for me. We all experience fear at one time or another. As much as I would like to say I am a believer so I trust and never fear, I do deal with fear many days and in many forms.

Sometimes it’s interesting, if there is something I am fearful of doing, after I do it the fear is sometimes gone. Yet some fears are always a struggle for me. I am always a little fearful before I get on a big roller coaster. I love to ride them, but prior to getting on my heart is beating out of my chest. In my mind, I am talking myself into riding it without those with me knowing how scared I really am. In line it’s intense waiting for our turn. Then the coaster pulls up, the bar opens and it’s time to get on. At this point I am really trying to calm my heart. The ride begins and I usually scream through most of it. Yet many times, we get off and if the line isn’t long, we ride it again. The second time seems a little more enjoyable, not so intense. My heart isn’t beating nearly as hard, I feel more calm. By the end, even though I am still holding on, my knuckles aren’t quite so white and I might even hold my hands in the air and laugh!

There are times in life when we are thrown into storms where fear grips our hearts. The storm seems so big that we fear we will not survive. Yet as we realize that we serve a God who is capable of handling the storm, we begin to relax. The storm is still raging and it may go on for a while, yet now we know our hand is in His. He is holding us and we can rest knowing He is in control.

I can look back and see many storms I never thought I would survive. Yet I smile now thinking on His provision in each storm. So today as I am still on a fearful journey, I can relax knowing in times past He has shown His love to me and carried me through the storm. He knows about all of my fears because He has calmed each one in times past and He will again.

Today relax and trust Him, knowing the roller coaster ride of life you may be experiencing is in the hands of the almighty God. He doesn’t desire His children live in fear, but in peace knowing He is big enough to handle anything that comes our way. II Timothy 1:7 says, “He has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and love and self control. So may we encourage one another today to know Satan desires to bind us in fear, but our God is greater than any fear we could face. Every roller coaster has an end. You will get off and though you might be a little dizzy from the ride, you will survive. So smile today knowing the ride doesn’t last forever and you can enjoy it knowing the King of All Kings knows where you are going. You don’t have to fear the end, He is there!