I love to run or walk for exercise.  A few years back I went through a devastating time in life and began to walk.  It became my stress reliever.  As I run around the lake in my local town I often run into people who say, Why are you running, you are so small? I always laugh and say , if I don’t run I won’t be.  I was thinking about what will happen to my body if I choose to stop exercising.  I can go out and eat burgers and fries and junk but if I quit exercising the weight will pour on . I will be honest I don’t want that.  I don’t have the money for the clothes. LOL . Just like it is important to take care of my physical body I must take care of my spiritual body.   In life if i quit reading God’s Word then it will begin to show.  It is so important to my daily walk with Christ to be determined to hide His Word in my heart.  It affects who I am for Christ when I choose not to hide His Words in my heart.  I can not be His hands and feet to a world that needs me to tell them and show them Christ if I don’t pour Him into me.  I can tell you my body weight will quickly move up the scales if I eat a lot of calories without running.  I love to eat and I can feel it when I don’t run for a few days. My life is not all it can be for Christ if I don’t spend time with Him.  Today i encourage you in this race we are running to take time to read your bible.  Let others see how it looks to have Christ in you.  Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in you.  It is a beautiful fall day here, I so enjoyed my morning run.  Go out today and take a walk and spend some time enjoying what our God created. A few years ago,  I was running hard for Christ, but life came at me and I took a detour that forever changed the course of my life. Yet as God is restoring me, I know He knew I would take that detour.  It gave Him an opportunity to mold me and press hard into me and make me who I am today.  A stronger woman.  Now I will run the course hard and finish well hand in hand with Christ.  I am still a little bruised  from the falls along the trails I took, but I am up and running again.  We will talk about that path another day.   Remember as you exercise your body each day to also spend time in God’s Word so that you can run a race for Christ.  I want to finish well, do you?